compliance folders in the workspace

Who Really Needs Compliance Software?

The answer is everyone. While larger businesses rely on compliance management to minimize risk and assist in ensuring they conform to industry requirements, anyone looking to manage standards, ensure readiness, improve customer satisfaction or adhere to regulations, needs a way to manage this process.
In truth, managing compliance and ensuring standards are adhered to, is not only a big business concern. All businesses can improve customer satisfaction and prevents more disruptive issues that occur as a result of non-compliance, by correctly introducing appropriate compliance management systems.

Take for example an ambulance service that neglects to check equipment, or the dates on important medicine, before responding to an incident. Or when ordering your favourite meal from a franchise restaurant, you disappointedly realise that it neither looks nor tastes the same as what you had experienced before. Both examples are going to negatively impact the business and could easily have been prevented with the introduction of basic compliance management.

Unfortunately, the concept of compliance and any associated audits, whether internal or external, often brings about feelings of anxiety. However, with the correct internal processes, this need not be the case. In fact, regardless of any external requirements that apply, internal standards should always top these.

We have found that by introducing regular, pro-active and targeted internal checks, and tasking responsible staff members to manage small portions of the compliance process, companies see an immediate improvement in their staff productivity, service delivery and customer satisfaction.

These internal checks do not need to be exhaustive, but rather focus on key areas, or previous non-conformities. Similarly, this need not be the responsibility of only one person. A group or department can all contribute to the process. In fact, the more staff members that take an interest in company compliance, the better the outcome.

Consider including compliance when developing your company’s Vision and Mission. Principles of Mission and Vision statements are often combined to provide a statement of the company’s purposes, goals and values. By including compliance management as part of the “How we achieve our goal”, you are including all role players in the process and ensuring their understanding about the importance and value of compliance. This is turn forms an important part of the business roadmap to improved customer satisfaction and production. Compliance is therefore how we measure ourselves in the process.

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